Radiology On the GoMobile-Friendly Teleradiology Software at Your Fingertips Effortlessly Enhance Radiology with Single Solution MediOG Teleradiology

Our cloud-based, mobile-friendly software integrates PACS, RIS, and Teleradiology services, providing a seamless and efficient single solution for your radiology department's needs.

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Mediog understands the importance of time and reputation in your novel profession. With our Teleradiology platform, you can Archive, generate diagnostic reports & investigate from wherever you are, with the added benefit of MOBILITY. Through our unique cloud-based distributed architecture, we break geographical barriers as well as make the entire reporting protocol faster.

Easy Initiation

User-friendly MediOG services can be initiated as early as 5 min by following only 3 steps (Register-verify-connect) from any device.


Mediog can be accessed and used from any location, over any device, from desktops to handheld mobile and tablets.


Images & information are anonymized, encrypted and stored in the most secured cloud database. Unique QR-Code secures every original report.

MPR-3D Modelling

MPR & 3D modelling technology and various unique Tools like Custom windowing help report-making easier and more accurate.

Business Visualization

Monitoring every piece of information in the Radiology Department provides a clear picture of the business's health.

Real-time Accounting

Smart atomization of Mediog Platform calculates and updates the real-time financial states related to the Radiology department.
3D imaging


As per different uses, MediOG designed its every product such that the complete workflow of the Radiology department can be managed and monitored with minimum human effort.

Multi-Branch Teleradiology

Managing and monitoring the Radiology of multi-location hospitals become stress-free and risk-free by Multi-Branch Teleradiology.

Single Branch Teleradiology

Maintaining Quality and timely services becoming a nightmare for you? Use your own Teleradiology solution.

Radiologist’s Teleradiology

Why are you limiting yourself to a certain area in this digitalized era? Create your E-Chamber and make your identity across the world.

Added Services

Enhance your reputation and performance by using some cost-effective added services provided by MediOG.


Archive all DICOM with a single click without any hardware installation or maintenance. Create your own organized DICOM library and remove the unnecessary legal headache.

QC Accesses

Report quality or 2nd opinion increases your organization’s reputation or brand value. QC Accesses provide an opportunity to remain your organization one step ahead in this era of increasing competition by maintaining quality.

Assistant Accesses

MediOG knows the workload and value of time of a Radiologist. Assistant Accesses removes the unnecessary workload from a radiologist’s life and increases productivity.

Departmental Accesses

Departmental Accesses provide an opportunity to check the DICOM and reports of a patient by a referral physician from any device. It also reduces unnecessary DICOM print and resource wastage.


MediOG believes every organization maintain a uniqueness to run the business. MediOG respect it and provide an opportunity to replicate any uniqueness for your organization by Customizing the software.

SMS notification

SMS notification to the patient saves time in a critical situation and increases the belief in your services. Also, it will manage your report distribution process.

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The Mobile-First Teleradiology platform.

  • Mediog's highly flexible cloud architecture assures high performance and stability.
  • With Mediog's DICOM viewer, you can access images instantly, as the application is fast and lightweight.
  • It is now possible for doctors to submit reports anytime, anywhere, as Mediog is accessible 24 hours a day, any day of the week.
  • Mediog's unique interaction system guarantees no communication difficulty between doctors, technicians, and imaging centers.
  • It also offers powerful tools for managing recurring business and billing activity.

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At MediOg, we're not just a service, we're your partner in teleradiology excellence. Need assistance? Our dedicated team is just a click away, providing exceptional support around the clock. Reach out now for 24/7 assistance.