Cloud Architecture

Mediog is built for performane on highly distributed internal cloud based architecture.

Think Mobile

Mediog is a mobile friendly, adaptable and borderless solution for all tele-radiology needs.

Ease of Use

We are focused to deliver simple but efficient user experience.

Next Generation

Powerful post processing and 3D visualization technology.

The Mobile-First Teleradiology platform

Mediog understand the value of working on the go. With our automated Teleradiology service platform, we empower you with MOBILITY, where you are able to investigate & generate diagnostic reports from wherever you are. It doesn't only break the geographical limits, but also make the entire reporting protocol faster through our unique cloud based distributed architecture.

  • Performance & stability assured in the Mediog system due to highly adaptable cloud architecture.
  • Get seamless access to study images, as Mediog provides fast and lightweight DICOM viewer equipped with a handful of tools.
  • Now doctors can easily make reports anywhere, even at home as Mediog is live 24x7 any day anytime it is needed.
  • Zero difficulty in communication between doctors, technicians and imaging centers through unique Mediog interaction system.
  • Powerful Tools to manage recurring business & billing activity at ease.

Portability Assured

Mediog can be accessed and used over any kind of device starting from desktop to handheld mobile and tablets.

Mediog 3D Vision

Complimented with MPR & 3D modelling technology, report making has been more accurate.

Availability 24x7

A 24x7 workflow management system ensuring high productivity in radiology. Mediog is ready anytime, anywhere.

High Security

Images & informations are anonymised, encrypted and stored in secured cloud database.

Trustworthy Medical Services

Mediog has become a reliable platform for both doctors and renowned centers working with us.

Flexible & Cost Efficient

Mediog provides flexible pay-as-you-go reporting plans for diagnostic centers to run seamless operation.

We are committed to provide you proficient & affordable software platform to faciliate Teleradiology services, making the whole process a lot more compact, lucid & On-The-Go, maintaining a clean environment.
Stepping ahead of the competetion, our focus is on the corevalues, best practices & methodology to deliver best quality services. We believe it is an era of speed, and every minute is precious.

Our Services

Whole Reporting Solution

Huge panel of Radiologists are always available to provide quality reports on time.

Saas for Doctors

Any Radiologist can use Mediog software services for their own practices.

Saas for Organizations

From collecting images to invoice generation or ready report distribution, complete work flow manegment system in a single package.

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